Community and The Environment

Community Involvement

Humboldt Patient Resource Center is dedicated to giving back to the community and assisting our community members beyond the services of medical cannabis. Our facility operates as a not for profit business and focuses on the entire well being of our patients. We offer free informational handouts on nutrition, stretching and relaxation techniques, have a network of local health services providers, and are an approved Learning Center Site for Humboldt State University Internships.

HPRC works closely with Hospice Care and Palliative Doctors to assist ailing patients pass with dignity. We offer a Compassion Program that provides catastrophic and terminally ill community members free and discounted medicine. Our goal is to ensure that the medicine we provide does not create a financial burden during the stressful stages of patients sicknesses and ailments. Our long term goal is to expand our garden size to be able to provide medicine to more patients. Wellness and improving the lives of our patients is our goal.

Our facility also donates to local community business and organizations throughout Humboldt County. Some of our recent donations include:

-Breast Cancer Awareness
-Hospice of Humboldt
-Relay For Life
-North Coast Aids Project
-HPRC Wellness Center
-Sequoia Animal Shelter
-Humboldt County Domestic Violence Shelter
-Northcoast Environmental Center
-Nueva Fuente Charter School
-Humboldt County Harm Reduction Program
-Lake County Fire Relief
-Resolution Care Humboldt

Environmental Concern
Humboldt Patient Resource Center is located in the pristine beauty of Humboldt County in Northern California. We believe in clean air, organic food, clean flowing waters, and high quality safe medicinal cannabis. HPRC holds a Clean Green certification, which ensures our garden abides by the best practices in the industry when it comes to fertilizers, pesticides, waste management, and patient information management.

In 2014 year we offset 120 tonnes of carbon through the City of Arcata Carbon Credit Program, offsetting a years worth of cannabis production.  In 2015 we once again have offset our electrical use to operate a carbon neutral garden and collective. We also work with local arborist and are in the process of donating redwood trees to help reforest the local beaches and sections of forest our community appreciates so much. We continue to have annual audits of our water usage, and ensure that we use the best practices to reduce any waste and discharge into local sewer systems. We are proud to live in Humboldt County and are dedicated to keeping intact the breathtaking beauty we live in every day.

One thought on “Community and The Environment”

  1. Brought my girlfriend in for her first time going to a club ever because I love your dispensary and I knew it would be a great experience for her. She loves her medicine and I love the medicine I got as well. When are you guys hiring because I want to join your awesome team. Even if I have to wait years! I’m that dedicated to helping people. Stay peaceful 🙂


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Humboldt Patient Resource Center- An Award Winning Medical Cannabis Collective in its 16th year of operation in the city of Arcata, in beautiful Humboldt County California. Voted Best of Humboldt County for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries 2014 and 2015!

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