Clones and Seeds

Humboldt Patient Resource Center offers a wide variety of genetics to our patient members. We offer clone cuttings produced from our Clean Green Certified Garden. Producing our own clones gives our staff a unique understanding of growing preferences, flowering times, and the unique medical qualities of each strain.

New Cuttings Rooting
New Cuttings Rooting Photo by E. Stewart

Our in house genetics rotate on availability and include Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Larry OG, Bubba Kush, Green Ribbon, Pure Kush, Blue Cheese, Sugar Mama, Blue Dream, Poison OG, O Sour Head, Af-Crack, Deep SLeep, The Trident(CBD), Cannatonic (CBD), AC/DC (CBD), and many more beneficial medical strains.

HPRC In House Flowers
Sample Medicine Grown In-House Before Buying Clones Photo by E. Stewart

HPRC also carries a strong selection of seeds from local seed banks and  world known cultivators. Grow your own mother stock and discover the many varieties that have been cultivated for medical patients with the efforts of many seed banks. We carry regular and feminized seeds, and also carry CBD specific varieties of seeds.

Find the right strain for you
Find the right strain for you! Keep your genetics strong.

Check our Weedmaps menu link or Leafly on the sidebar for daily updates on seed and clone selections. We look forward to helping you!

Beautiful In House Cuts
Beautiful In House Cuts Photo by E. Stewart

Ask our friendly staff questions about your strains before you grow!

Grow your medicine from clone or seed with HPRC

3 thoughts on “Clones and Seeds”

  1. Have enjoyed your services over the past few years, and good to see you approach the business with more professionalism and web info…i.e., listing what is available. Your workers have always been very professional and supportive. Brian helped me today with plant varieties and put a hold on 5 plants that I came directly to pay for and pick up. Nice folks…good job!


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