Welcome to HPRC

Humboldt Patient Resource Center (HPRC) is a medical cannabis collective located in beautiful Arcata on the northern coast of California. HPRC believes in being a resourceful wellness center providing quality medicine, a supportive staff, and empowering our patients with information. We believe in supporting our community through compliant and safe access for it’s medicinal needs.

HPRC cuttings
Freshly Topped Cutting Photo by E Stewart

HPRC is a not for profit business that has been in operation for 16 years. It was one of the first dispensaries in Humboldt County and in the State of California after the passing of proposition 215. We are permitted by the City of Arcata and are Clean Green Certified for our production and patient information management.

Purple Pineapple
Purple Pineapple Photo by E. Stewart
HPRC Clone
Freshly Topped Cutting Photo by E Stewart

Our facility has diversified its products and services to meet the needs of our patients. We offer in-house cultivated flowers, edibles, concentrates, clones, tinctures, salves, oils, balms, and lab testing services. HPRC is the premier provider of medical cannabis in Humboldt County. We look forward to assisting you!

Our facility is located at 980 6th street in Arcata, CA 95521
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 11am-6pm

Fresh clones from in house mother stock Photo by E Stewart
HPRC Flowers
Diverse Flower Selection Updated Daily Photo by E Stewart
Wide Variety of Cheeba Chew Edibles
Wide Variety of Cheeba Chew Edibles
HPRC offers a wide range of products including lab tested edibles. Photo by E. Stewart

12 thoughts on “Welcome to HPRC”

  1. I am a 59-year-old male that has suffered back spasms for about 30 years. I don’t have 215 card, but I’m about ready to get one. I live in Crescent City. My question is, what strains may work for back spasms?

    Thanks, Jim Hooper


    1. Jim,
      Thank you for visiting our website and how unfortunate to suffer for over 30 years. In our collective’s experience and the feedback from our patients is that there is not one strain necessarily for a specific ailment. Patients experience has been that strains higher in certain cannabinoids may be more effective in offering relief from spasms. Cannabis higher in CBD is used by many patients who are trying to stop sever muscle spasms sometimes caused by neuro-degenerative disorders. Other patients find relief from using strains high in THC for is analgesic or pain-relieving effects. Our facility lab tests its medicines so you can identify which strains are higher in certain cannabinoids and better make decisions about which strain is right for you. We also offer salves, lotions, and sprays infused with cannabis that offer local topical relief without smoking. It is best to work with your doctor when testing new medicines. We would be happy to answer more questions when you obtain your 215 and visit or collective. Wish you the best.


  2. Hi guys !!! Just wondering if I need a 215 in order to buy a salve … I’m a court reporter in a court room and talk to my attorneys every now and then about CA laws regarding the use of CBD … It’s a very confusing issue but after 18 years of gymnastics, a broken back and being a reporter for 13 years I’m tired of the pain and I need answers and I’m not getting answers at work !!! Just looking into a CBD salve for pain without the head buzz … Appreciate any help from you guys 😊. Thanks for your time !!! Denise


    1. Hello Denise. 18 years of gymnastics is a heavy load on the body regardless of the broken back! Our patients have given us positive feedback on both THC and CBD savles. Traditional salves work locally to help with pain and inflammation without giving patients a psychoactive head high. If a salve is specially made with a chemical carrier D9THC can pass through the skin/blood barrier and produce a head high. We do not offer these types of salves at our collective. We do carry a wide range of traditional topical applications including salves, creams, lotions, and even bathing salts. You are required to obtain a 215 doctor’s recommendation to be a member of our collective. It sounds like you are more than qualified to be a patient and we can offer you a list of doctor’s in the area if you are local to Humboldt County. Here is some more information on the many ways cannabis may benefit you including topical applications: http://www.safeaccessnow.org/using_medical_cannabis We wish you well and hope you find relief with the use of cannabis.


  3. After fighting four different types of cancer and so far in remission for one of them….the HPRC has been my Angel of hope and their meds are awesome bar-none. I have used RSO and the high CBD’s from Purest of Indica straines I can do…and it works for me. With my current cancer in stage 4 and in my Lymph nodes …I’m hoping to get a stronger RSO to really kick the butt on this UGLY MONSTER -CANCER-. All of the staff are just wonderful to me and my dog Angel


  4. I can not begin to explain my gratitude to u and all your staff I finally have an appetite and I’m going to go to bed and getting a full pain free nights sleep…Thank You Thank You Thank you!!!!Your empathy is extraordinary I am so glad that u r here for the patients 100% Much Love to you all Bless!!!


  5. Been in 3 or 4 times. Always get a big “Hi! How are you?!” and a smile.
    They listen to your pain issues, and have good suggestions. More mainstream businesses could learn from them.


  6. Hello, I’m a 23 year old suffering from an extreme case of endometriosis. I’ve had 7 surgeries in the past 2 years including a complete hysterectomy trying to get rid of the painful disease. Wondering if maybe I should try cannabis to relieve some of my pain instead of the strong medication that I’ve had to take for years. Looking for any type of information that may help me with controlling this terrible pain. Nobody understands that I’m really in so much pain. I need help! Please.


    1. Madeline, we do service many patients who suffer from endometriosis. Many patients have expressed their pain levels have been dramatically reduced by the use of THC and CBD. Changing medicine is definitely something that should be discussed with your primary caregiver, but if you are in the Arcata area and can stop by our collective we would be happy to share with you some of the choices other patients have made and how those medicines have impacted them! We wish you the best.


  7. I am a Colorado medical marijuana card holder. Leafly notified me of a new strain–CP3O –that would definitely help!! The locations that carry this strain are all in California, including you. We have our own grow room & are wondering… How can I get some seeds or clones of this strain??

    Thank you for your help,

    Chalaine H.
    — Colorado —


    1. Hello Chalaine,
      Under the current law we are only able to service Medical Cannabis Patients in California. Our patients are required to have a Prop 215 doctor’s recommendation from a Doctor in good standing in the State of California. Until State/Federal laws change we are unable to send any products through any mail services. The strain you are looking for, and many other great CBD strains have been bred and cultivated in Humboldt County, but other than making a visit to Humboldt County we are unsure of how to match up this product to those patients in need. We can share information around the cultivator but not actually provide it out of the state. Best of luck and let us know if we can help you with any other questions.


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Humboldt Patient Resource Center- An Award Winning Medical Cannabis Collective in its 16th year of operation in the city of Arcata, in beautiful Humboldt County California. Voted Best of Humboldt County for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries 2014 and 2015!